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The keys are not touch-sensitive, and it takes a bit of pressure to push them.

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Beneath the array is the famous Curve keyboard, but a little different than you might remember it. The keys are a hair larger and rounder than on previous models, though the overall keyboard is still quite small compared with the Bold's. Yet, because the keys are separated and raised, typing posed no problem.

I will say that the keys are a little plasticky and toylike, and less distinctive than on other BlackBerry models.

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While I didn't mind it, my own hands being fairly small, to me the Curve 's keyboard has lost its edge. It's high time you met the phone's other externals. On the left spine is the Micro-USB charging port, while the right spine is home to a very skinny volume rocker and a similarly slim customizable shortcut key. Both are molded from the same strip of plastic and protrude from the phone in sharp, overly narrow mounds that dig into your fingers when you press them. Gone are the media keys at the top--now there is a 3. The camera lens and LED flash are on the back. True, the user interface hasn't changed much from BlackBerry 6 OS--it still has directory-based home screens and collapsible notification trays.

By now, you may well be familiar with the improved graphics processor, full Web browser with a just-in-time JavaScript compiler and full HTML 5 support, augmented-reality application support, and voice-activated universal search. Theoretically, NFC allows you to purchase goods or services by swiping your phone over a compatible payment system device, or to transfer files by touching phones thanks to applications like BlackBerry Tag.

Sure, the T-Mobile version of the device the doesn't need it, since it already rides the GSM SIM card technology, but the slot is something that the Sprint version the lacks. Just keep in mind that the Curve is locked into Verizon's network while in the U. You can also use a free but limited version of BES with which you can sync your Exchange calendar, contacts, and tasks. Popular Web services like Gmail and Yahoo should already have those settings preloaded.

However, the default setting for Gmail and Yahoo is not IMAP, so deleted e-mails are not synced, and you'll have to do it manually.

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The Note 9 is a terrific phone, but Samsung is clearly holding back for The Pixel 3's camera already makes it a standout -- but useful Google software elevates The glossy battery cover and soft-touch bezel on the back add to the phone's premium feel. Indeed, the Bold strikes us as the handset equivalent of a luxury town car.

Measuring 4. Its slender profile makes it the thinnest BlackBerry yet, which really does add to the phone's sleek and elegant aesthetic. More importantly, RIM has wisely decided to widen the Bold back to the original BlackBerry size, which allows for a larger display and a roomier keyboard which we'll discuss later. The Bold's 2. RIM pumped up the resolution to x pixels, which might not seem like much, but cram that into a small display like this and the result is really smooth and sharp images with nary a pixel in sight. OS 7's new Liquid Graphics technology that promises improved graphics and animations also comes into play here, and we were impressed by the results.

The Bold 's display certainly looks better than any of its predecessors.

What makes the Bold especially interesting however, is that it is the first Bold to have a touch-screen display. At first we were rather skeptical about this, as we generally like our touch screens to be a lot bigger so that our fingers have enough room to move around. Indeed, we found that we had to be a lot more accurate when selecting certain tiny icons.

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But we soon found that we could use the touch screen for quick scrolling and tapping, and then switch to the optical touch pad if we wanted more precision. It's much easier to scroll through long Web pages just by swiping the touch screen, for example. We also appreciate the pinch-to-zoom gesture on the touch screen. OS 7's aforementioned Liquid Graphics is supposed to improve the responsiveness of the touch screen, which works in conjunction with the Bold 's 1.

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We had no problems for the most part, and we loved how fluid the swiping was. However, we did encounter the occasional hiccup where we had to tap repeatedly at something before it registered. As we mentioned earlier, we solved this by using the optical touch pad for increased accuracy, but we wish it wasn't necessary. As with the other BlackBerry devices, holding down the Menu key will bring up a list of recently used applications so you can switch between them easily.

Verizon's BlackBerry Bold 9930 receiving update with battery life improvements and more

Sitting above the display is a proximity sensor. The keyboard on the Bold is absolutely top-notch, and is possibly the best BlackBerry keyboard we've ever used. As we mentioned earlier, the Bold has a wide keyboard that hearkens back to the original Bold, aka the BlackBerry , which is still widely loved by BlackBerry fans. The new BlackBerry OS 5. According to Verizon, the new software solution the 5. Among the improvements included in the update, we can count some regarding the camera on the phone, some for its calling and messaging features, as well as a series of enhancements for the handset's basic operations.

Verizon's BlackBerry Bold receiving update with battery life improvements and more | PhoneDog

The release notes for the software update include:. A password is no longer needed unless a security timeout has occurred.

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Following the installation of BlackBerry OS 5.