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Uncheck the 'Open using the home key' option. The only other option is to switch to a different launcher app. Or root your phone. I don't suggest rooting your phone.

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So far just turning off the setting has bade it stay away for me. Flipboard is a "standard" Samsung bloatware also. I have a WiFi only no carrier branding version of the Note 8, and it has Flipboard. Every company has there own bloatware and unless you root and rom there isn't much you can do about it.

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You can "disable" the apps but these days that's the standard. At least on Android you can use ext mem cards to make up for the lack of space on most devices.

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The worst Android is still better then the best Apple. While I realize this is a month later than this original post, I have almost duplicated the same scenario in that I have gone from an iPhone of many years to the Note 3, with high expectations, only to find more bloatware and spying apps than Microsoft could even dream up. Useless apps such as My Magazine and Flipboard, and no way to remove or even disable them for more than 5 minutes. Having the My Magazine app programmed to the home button??

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I am fully aware that I can accept the crappy guidleines to access My Magazine and then tell it not to come up with the Home button, as many have said is easy to do, but I refuse to give them any further access to my information, or that I even acknowledge such a useless app. Going to the play store for useful apps, you find out that the majority of apps you want to download expect you to give them access to your camera, your contacts, to make phone calls, to access any accounts you might have on your phone, and to track phone calls you make and text messages you send and this is ridiculous.

It seems the NSA is writing all the apps for these phones and I have no idea if this is the fault of Samsung or Android. ATT just sells the phone, regardless of privacy concerns of their customers. No, I would not go back to the iPhone as I am no fanboy of anything in particular except freedom that I helped defend. It just seems to me that too many people are too eager to give out all their personal information without a single thought of what rights they shoud have and thus the issues are forced on all of us to sell us somehting else that we don't need or want.

If they end up giving more control over the phone I purchased, to me, between now the contract expiration time, then perhaps I will change my mind but at this point I truly wish I had not bought this phone. Truly hope you enjoy yours. On Android, you see the list of things the developer put into the app, and you have to approve it. It doesn't mean the app is spying on you.

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If you got a "clean" Android phone from Google, for example, as a developer with nothing but stock Android, the apps in the app store will still need your approval for whatever they are accessing. At least you get to know. I'm not sure how this differs from any other Phone OS platform - as far as I know Windows Phone 8 and iOS are exactly the same in that apps can access core information with your permission, or silently in order to provide you with whatever feature or function they provide. If you are mildly concerned with privacy, then reverting to a simple flip phone, or even using a smart phone with no personal information on it and all location capabilities disabled, along with no data service, might give you some limited protection, but not as much as not using a wireless phone at all.

In this age quaint concepts like privacy are undergoing rapid change - we are reverting back to our early roots where everyone in the tribe knew everything about everyone Unless we choose to not use the technology, which is at least for now still an option. This post was sent over the open internet where the bits passed through hundreds of machines and devices I have no control over, without encryption, using a free content server I also don't have any control over, for all to see.

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I got rid of Flipboard accidentally. So then there was a big blank space where Flipboard used to be with a couple of app icons underneath. Sign up Sign up Sign in. Ask a question. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

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Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean: One complaint I doesn't work. It doesn't disable My Magazine, just stops it popping up when hitting Home button. There is no menu button.

What is My Magazine? How Do I use it on my Samsung Galaxy Note3?

By the way, to disable My Magazin on Note 3 completely you need to have Root access, but you have the option to disable opening My Magazine when pressing the Home Button by doing as follows: By the way, to disable My Magazin on Sign in. Post comment. Newest Oldest. In order to contact your friends in WhatsApp, you can either use the private chat or the public one chatting in groups.

Click on the option shown Some websites are required to run JavaScript in order to work properly. On the default browser of the Galaxy Note 4, do as follows to enable Samsung equipped the Galaxy Note 3 with 2 different types of processors, and they are available based on the market.

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