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Drivvo is one of the most powerful car apps. You can keep track of basically everything. That includes repairs, maintenance, expenditures, miles driven, gas mileage, and more. It's especially good for those who drive for work. You can use this app to keep track of your expenses for tax season. It also has maintenance records with reminders when more maintenance is necessary. Fuelio is a very similar app and arguably Drivvo's biggest rival in this space.

They both do more or less the same thing in different ways. You can go with whatever one you feel is best for your needs. GasBuddy Price: GasBuddy is a money saving app for motorists. It crowd sources gas prices in your area. You can then choose the gas station with the cheapest gas.

It works best on road trips. However, it's just as good if you're cruising around your home town.

Best driving apps for iPhone and Android mobiles

You can also contribute by changing prices as you see them. The crowd sourcing helps keep gas prices as up-to-date as possible and it's a fun little community to be a part of. It's not the most feature-packed app on the list, but it's definitely one of the most useful car apps. SpotAngels Price: SpotAngels is a bit of a wild card. It's one of the newer car apps. However, it has a ton of potential. Its primary function is to help you avoid parking tickets. Currently, there are 20 supported cities where that works.

It can also keep track of where you parked. That way you don't get lost trying to find your car. That functionality is available to everybody whether they're in a supported city or not. People can also send information and images for places that are safe to park anywhere.

Over time, this could be a great app to help avoid parking tickets. We're halfway there! Here are some more recommendations. Torque Pro Price: Torque Pro is an app for troubleshooting. It pairs with various OBD 2 devices via Bluetooth. It can then read the codes and let you know what your check engine light is.

It's one of the better car apps for mechanics and those who can do their own car work. It can also keep track of a variety of stats from your car. There is a free version you can try first. However, it was when it wast last updated. The pro version gets more frequent updates. It's just something to keep in mind. YouTube Price: YouTube is an amazing resource for car fans. There are a ton of mechanics, aficionados, and other car people on there.

They make tons of videos about how to change your oil, how to fix brakes, and even cosmetic stuff like the proper method to wax your car.

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Plus, you can find videos about fun cars, new cars, old cars, and highlights from various types of races. Of course, most people know that already.

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This one isn't a very exciting pick. It's still among the best car apps, though. Various rewards apps Price: Most large chain gas stations have rewards programs. You use your card when you buy gas and other items. The rewards points stack up and you use them to get gift cards, free stuff, and discounts on gas. There are several grocery stores with gas station chains that offer similar rewards. These may take a while to be effective. However, it's possible to get things like free gas and all kinds of other things over time. They're car apps worth having. In fact, everyone should have at least one of these apps.

Many of the buildings are now in 3D, the menu is easy to use and the right-hand side bar shows key waypoints like fuel stations, plus potential traffic and the delay. As with portable TomToms, traffic alerts are brilliant. Image 3 of 9. As an overall package, our previous winner is still one of the best, but the TomTom has the edge for overall accuracy. CoPilot was quick to calculate a route and gives three options. Voice instructions were clear and a real high point is that the app repeats street names — a great feature. We like the TomTom-style right-hand bar that shows any potential delays, as well as the distance to the destination.

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  • Download the CoPilot apps from CoPilot here. Image 4 of 9. Free Rating: For driving, the app highlighted traffic well in advance and informed us of any potential delays.

    Apps For Driving

    Image 5 of 9. Community-based Waze has improved since our last test. The rest of the app remains excellent, too. Inputting addresses via postcode is quick and easy, and the traffic alerts are good — although the likes of TomTom and CoPilot were more accurate overall than Waze. Instructions were well timed and clear, too.

    Download the Waze app from Waze here. Image 6 of 9. Still, we liked the several route options we were given before departing. Download Google Maps from iTunes here. Image 7 of 9. When inputting a destination we were given several choices of routes, with the app correctly identifying the best one as the default. Image 8 of 9. Sygic has made some serious changes to its app since our last test. On the move, instructions were easy enough to follow, although rivals are better designed.

    Best driving apps for iPhone and Android mobiles | Auto Express

    The new map is cluttered, and voice guidance could have been better. Download the Sygic Car Navigation app from Sygic here. Image 9 of 9. Android Price: Offline Maps says it uses the TomTom database. Map accuracy was good and we liked its design — it was simple to follow with a nice use of colours to ensure finding yourself was easy. We liked the three choices of route it gave us, although the app tended to use roads known for their congestion, whereas rivals here picked better routes. Would you rather have a dedicated sat-nav unit?