App prices are subject to change. Seasons, clothing selection and weather concepts. Visual Impact Pro. Create multi media instruction for social stories, instruction and video modeling. Shoe Tying 1. DTT app with discrete training, video on shoe tying; appropriate for all ages; many supporting materials. Basic step by step images of shoe tying. To do manager allowing pictures, lists of tasks to complete. Shopping List Generator.

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Create shopping lists with pictures, text to speech, item prices are totaled; Connor Company app. Functional Planning System. Scheduling and video prompting option to support daily tasks.

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One Tap Dial. Customize with faces of contact phone number. Unus Tactus. Provides images associated with phone numbers for contacting others; provides ability to track users with GPS. GPS Alarm. Set GPS location and alarm; alerts user when close to destination. Create home screen pictures of phone contacts. I Get Cooking Vocabulary. Visual sequence apps for cooking. Provides visual task analysis and vocabulary for equipment, ingredients, and steps of mixing and cooking.

Medication reminder app; on going reminders of medication regime; unable to set short term med administration. Story Creator. Counting Money. Practice of counting money for all ages. Text based reminders for appointments, reminders and guided task allowing multiple step directions.

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Picture Scheduler. Visual planner with images, video, audio, alarms, repeating functions. Visual Picture Planner Good Karma. Picture based planning system with audio and video capabilities. Provides day and weekly calendar features. First Then Visual Schedule. Visual schedule app providing customizable visual schedule. Create simple customizable buttons with voice and text for pre-verbal or non-verbal individuals.

Provides choice of two with up to 30 pages of choices. Point to Pictures. AAC app providing customization of communication choices by pictures, symbols and well as words. Contextual based AAC app allowing hot spots of communication choices and expression.

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Lite version available. Sounding Board. AAC app with up to 9 cells ; switch accessible with Blue2 by Ablenet. GoTalk Now. Go Talk Now Free. My Talk Mobile. Tablet Talk. AAC App, similar in features to iProloquo2go. App creating reminders and alerts with voice recording capabilities. Manage tasks with audio alerts, subtasks and checklists; syncs with iCal and Outlook.

To do list of daily tasks that needs to be done. SOSH Relax. SOSH app with relaxation and shredder components only. Instruction and practice of breathing exercises to manage stress. Provides Strategies for identifying and dealing with mood disorders. App to help learn relaxation techniques. Relax Melodies. Provides a variety of sounds and mixes of sounds and ability to save for review.

Simple, easy to use app with relaxing sounds and music. Autism 5 Point Scale. Customizable 5 point scale to assist with awareness of emotions and self- regulation. Pocket Pond. App featuring a virtual koi pond. Splashing sounds provided when fish and water is touched.

Relaxation app. Pocket Pond 2. Virtual koi pond app. Sensory diet app, customizable, unlimited users. Zones of Regulation.

iPad and Tablet Apps for a Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Game app to teach self regulation. Uses Red, yellow, green and blue zones to describe sensory alert levels. Autism Tracker Pro also see Data Collection section. Go Read. Text to speech, word prediction, phonetic spell checking, highlighting tools are available in this app. AppWriter English. Word processing app with text to speech, word prediction, OCR generator and file management support. Voice Dream Reader. App with text to speech for imported file, PDF, web based text.

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App with text to speech, options to change background, high lighting, text and font size; reflows text on screen with zoom. Customizable keyboard and word processor with word prediction capabilties. Also allows images to be featured in the writing environment. Word prediction with text to speech and phonetic assistance. Text editor with Text to Speech, translator, exports to email dropbox, converts documents to MP3. ZenTap Pro. Sentence Maker. Create customized sentence tiles for students to sequence. Type on PDF Pro. Type into text boxes in PDF files. Panther Writer. This app promotes eye-hand coordination and visual motor planning as children work to connect dots to complete a puzzle game.

Writing These apps focus on teaching correct letter formations in fun ways. Letter School: This engaging app reinforces correct letter formations. Be sure to set the font to Handwriting Without Tears style. This app uses the Handwriting Without Tears font and virtual activities that are used in the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum used in the Shrewsbury Public Schools. Write My Name: Children can practice sequencing the letters in their name and correct letter formations. When they are done, they can hear their own recorded voice say their name! Ready to Print: This app, developed by an occupational therapist, incorporates a variety of activities working on pre-writing and early writing skills.

Skills are presented in a sequential manner. Writing Wizard: This app shows and reinforces correct upper and lowercase letter , number, and word formations. You can create your own PDF worksheets to use with your child. It is easy to customize letter size and level of difficulty. Puzzles Puzzles are a great way to promote development of eye-hand coordination, fine motor control, visual perceptual skills, and problem solving skills. Animal Puzzles: Single inset piece and jigsaw style puzzles with various levels.

Kumu Labs Animal Puzzle: Three levels of animal puzzles including farm, jungle, and sea creatures.

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Sea life puzzles and coloring pages. Over jigsaw puzzles with between 24 and 96 pieces and with a variety of themes. Merry Cubes HD: Three-dimensional cube fruit puzzles with two levels. Requires fine motor control and planning to rotate and turn the cube blocks. Easy to move shapes that snap into place on top of silhouette 5 to 10 piece puzzles. After positioning all of the pieces, the real image is revealed. A variety of piece puzzles where the child slides shapes onto silhouettes.

Paper Puzzle Kids Six categories of animated puzzles with 60 pictures where the child slides puzzle pieces onto the matching part of a silhouette. Tangram Mania: Fun animation and sound effects as children place shapes into the correct position. Tangram Fun: This game targets visual perceptual and fine motor skills as children tap pieces to turn and position them correctly. Highlights Countdown: Connect matching colors on a grid with a line until the entire grid is filled in.

Hundreds of increasingly complex levels and a variety of ways to play keep this game interesting. Lost in Letters: Hunt for letters hidden in a busy background. Spatial Line Puzzles: This app targets visual motor and spatial skills as children copy dot grid designs and line grid designs onto a board next to a model. My Mosaic 2: This app helps promote eye-hand coordination and visual perceptual skill development as children work to copy a pictures made with colorful dots.

This app works on sequencing and visual tracking skills as children input a simple code to help a furry alien navigate a maze. Matrix Game 1: This game targets visual discrimination and spatial skills while also working on categorization and classification.