If over time, you are observing degrading touch sensitivity or responsiveness, then recalibrate the touch screen to fix it. Since gravity and other factors affect the working of touchscreen, follow the instructions provided with calibration tool to do that properly. Not following the correct procedure may result into poorer recalibration and even worst touch performance. To stay away from such misery, install only necessary applications and exit the applications properly after using them. Do not let them keep running in the background as that will keep consuming available system resources.

The users of expensive and high end Android smartphones should also do the same for improving phone performance. Choose best apps for your phone. Your privacy and security will also not be compromised. If you wish to install them with APK files, always get them from reliable sources. We have started a new project Android Picks to dig out nice apps from Play Store and another one to provide untouched latest and old APK files for apps and games to install them manually on your Android devices in case developers have not made them available for your device or you just want to switch back to previous version of application or game for any reason.

The layer of such materials on phone screen will hinder the capturing of signals from finger touches and therefore odd touchscreen behavior can be observed. Keep the screen clean as much as possible to restore its proper functioning. New phones also come with pre-installed screen protector. Some companies may provide a complimentary screen protector with certain models of phones which you can use for better touch performance and protecting screen from scratches.

But if you buy a screen protector from market or online, make sure that it is not too thick or hard like slate. Thicker screen protector will give extra screen protection but may cause lags in touch inputs. Use good quality flexible screen protector to protect the touch screen of your smartphone and for optimum performance. You can also use good quality glass protectors. While buying online, check the reviews of people to make sure that it is not causing unwanted lags as some glass protectors fail to fit properly on curved screens causing screen to become unresponsive due to the gap between screen and glass.

Do not use your phone to hammer nails in wood or tap on doors or desks. They are not meant for that. If you put a huge smartphone in your tight jeans or trousers pocket, make sure you pull it out before sitting or kneeling down or your actions may bend and damage the phone or phone touch screen. Avoid throwing the phone or smashing it on floor.

In cold winter and in countries like Canada and Russia, gloves are must to protect your hands from outside cold. So, phone manufacturers now try to make gloves compatible touchscreens. The phones that are not capable of working with thicker or any sort of gloves, users need to take care of that and try not to use gloves or use thinner gloves if possible to deal with the touchscreen based smartphones.

The good news is, since Android is an open source mobile platform, phone manufacturers provide the options to root the phone, remove the original phone firmware and install custom ROMs. So, you have got the choice here. That might fix the touchscreen issue if it is related to software. The information about how to reinstall original or custom made phone software can be obtained from internet quite easily. Some manufacturers also provide an opportunity to fix the phone software through PC suites. That facility can be utilized to repair the corrupted phone software.

Also Read: My Tecno droipad 8h has been frequently having no screen touch response at the top part of my screen. So give me some solutions for this. Clear apps cache and stop background running apps. May be remove some extra apps as well since new Android update takes up space and slows down the phone.

There is a native feature in Android to clear background running apps. That will help. Please see this post: Hi, my Nokia 6 has got weak touch sensitivity especially this winter season when i use it with gloves on. Is there a solution to that. Hello, My lava x11 has a touch problem and calibrated which shows 57ms of touch and yet didnt work. Another is when i restart my phone it gets switched off and while starting there comes an animation of lava and then gets stucked every time.

The touch screen does not respond half the time. It is not smooth and I have to put a lot of effort in to ensure that I touch the correct icon, etc. Any suggestions how I can fix this problem? How do I resolve? Just purchased a Lenovo Phab a week ago and I noticed that I need to put extra effort to press the keypad. I am used to Samsung S5 that is so smooth to use.

Also, how to remove pre-installed apps? I have htc desire gplus dual.. Please my touch screen respond well to tap touch but not to the hold touch it receives it like I have tapped multiple time sequentially if you understand what I mean. Now everyone knows about all the wonderful ways to keep from screwing up there screens!

But what the masses want to know and maybe I missed this part is how to adjust the sensitivity of the screen sensors, MY phone is an LG 4 smart ph. Thank you. Some years ago, manufacturers used to provide tools with smartphones to re-calibrate the screen but do not offer them anymore because screens now are much advanced and do not require re-calibration frequently. So if you are suffering from touch issue, there are greater chances touchscreen has developed some hardware related fault which can be repaired mechanically. Will it work with a mouse? Hi, am using Tecno phantom padmini.

It did not fall down nor in the water. Only the volume key and power on button are working. And also no way to switch it off so far the screen is not working. Pls help me out. Such tools are not required anymore because touchscreens these days do not require re-calibration over and over again.

I had a lenovo A with android 4. But when I revert it back to its original ROM it goes back to normal…. Please help. Please help fast. Hi my friend, i have problem with my phone, when i connect it with charger it will show me that the battery is fully charged, remove the charger. When ever i plugged the charger out it would still show me that its on charging, please help, its an android. Apply this patch.

Why Your Tablet Touchscreen Doesn’t Respond

Please help, I cant let my model: I was giving advice to re align the screen. The details of this would depend on the model. Probably a combination of power button and volume. My apps are loading, but not working. I'm trying to play subway surfers, and the characters are moving on the screen, but it won't let me click on anything or play. I have a tablet,and the screen is broken. Its all glitched. When i turn it on its all grey and has stripes. Anyone else having this problem? Agreed, all of these options require a keyboard or touch screen.

Sure, let me use my touch screen to fix my touchscreen that isn't working, oh, wait Cheap displays and touch digitizers are invariably plasticy. If it feels cold to touch, it's glass - anything else is plastic. Frankly, plastic doesn't work well with fingers and static.

A good option might be to keep the screen dust and grease free, and try using a stylus for a few days and see how that goes. I have a Trio Stealth G4 But if I tap the screen hard the picture returns. It's hard to explain the situation cuz I'm not tech savvy at all. I haven't dropped my tablet or gotten anything on it. Please help: I love it!!!! You're giving advice on potentially fixing the "Touch" response of the screen, yet a couple of these options require the Touch Response to actually work The vast majority of touchscreen response issues can be resolved by using the touchscreen and applying patience.

I have a trio stealth G4.

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Half of the screen is gray. The other half I can see and touch apps but they are very light colored. Do you know what might be the problem?

[HOW TO] Calibrate your touchscreen (chinese… | Android Development and Hacking

Hi patulong naman po The problem is that I calibrated and now my tablet isnt working I used it as touch screen because I don't have a mouse or keyboard. My brian tab switches on but after booting and showing d home screen for about 1 seconds, it goes blank and on pressing the wake button it doesnt come up, the tab is working well with no problem with touch screen My tablet was stepped a couple years ago, and I just recently found it again, after tucking it away because I could not even unlock it.

I found it again, and would really like to be able to use it again, but I can't even unlock it. I kept trying to swipe it for a while, and I did eventually get a little bit of a response, but I could not swipe it far enough to get it actually unlocked. After it was stepped on, the screen didn't work.

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I can't put my password to get in, because the touchscreen doesn't work. I have a weird problem. When I touch my screen, it registers touches all over the screen. If I hold my finger on the screen, it acts like it's being touched rapidly over and over. The funny thing is that it only does this when the power cord is plugged in. Unplugged, the touch screen works normally. I thought it might have something to do with the outlet that I plugged it into, but it does the same thing no matter where I plug it in.

[HOW TO] Calibrate your touchscreen (chinese tablets - YG A701, Pioneer A700 etc)

It's the original cable that it came with. It still charges the battery fine, though.

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  7. But I bet you're right. My touchscreen doesnt work stat. I can wake the screen up and plug in keyboard in the usb slot and it reponds but I can even unlock it. It happened for no reason, any advise? I have a Galaxy Tab3 jellybean 4. Pencil stylus won't work either. Is there a setting or something?

    How to calibrate touch screens

    Perhaps there is a problem with conduction on the rubber stylus? Last night, I applied a screen protector, by Armorsuit, followed the instructions step by step, and left it over night for 24 hours as per instructions, for it to dry up.

    Turned on the tab after the given time. It comes on but its touch sensors are completely unresponsive. I can't even enter my unlock pin. I have now removed the screen protector and yet it is unresponsive. Someone who something HELP pls. It will be appreciated wholeheartedly. Did you follow the instructions correctly? Are you sure it was the screen protector that caused the problem? Did you use too much water in the application? Water damage usually isn't covered by warranty.

    Probably your best option would be to contact Armorsuit and find out if they have any advice for this situation. Exactly the same thing happened to me but with a diff brand of screen protector. How did you solve it? You'll either have to buy a new tablet, or see if it is practical and affordable to replace the screen.

    How to fix android touch screen problem

    TM-MID pls give me a solution. Attached Files Calibration. Join Date: Sep Nice sharing bro. Some of devices not include calibration setting by default. So this tutorial is useful for those device's owner. Sent from my LT22i using xda app-developers app. Senior Member. Nov How would I run this on Xperia S? How do I run a script? Subscribe to Thread. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. Miscellaneous Android Development. Android Apps and Games. Guest Quick Reply no urls or BBcode.