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They can set budgets and time limits for team members that keep projects from going over budget. With accurate reporting features, managers and business owners can track team efficiency with higher precision. This enables them to make better estimates and pay team members quickly and accurately. Hubstaff automates the entire payment process, fully eliminating the hassle of payroll and invoicing. The app supports multiple major online payment platforms, such as Payoneer and PayPal. Toggl for Android is simple and easy to use.

The tool aims to improve workplace productivity by helping people focus on one task at a time. It can help you avoid distractions so that you can get things done faster. Its main features include an overview of tracked time and progress on tasks. You can organize your projects through color-coding and dividing them into sub-projects.

Setting billable rates is easy, as is sharing time reports. The app integrates with numerous third-party apps and is available across devices.

Syncing is in real-time so you can focus better on one task at a time. You can use it while offline without worrying about losing your data. Next in line for Android time tracking apps is Harvest. It promises to make timesheets likable and does a good job at that. The app provides real-time access to tracking, allowing you to stay on top of projects and budgets. You can create and share invoices online and get paid via different online payment systems such as PayPal and Stripe.

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At the core of TimeCamp is the very essence of time tracking — timesheets. The app boasts a number of integrations and has all the essential features of a time tracking tool. TimeCamp allows different team members to note tasks and prioritize them so that the common schedule is set together. For personal time tracking, you can feed keywords in the app and it will automatically assign your current work to the time tracking of the project it belongs to. ClickTime allows you to skillfully budget the time of your team.

The app helps companies stay on top of time tracking for all team members. You can even import information from other time tracking tools. In the end, you have all the necessary data in one place, minimizing constant tab-switching between different apps. Similarly to the Harvest app, this gives you enough data to plan the budgets of upcoming projects. Every industry from construction companies to sales teams, landscaping crews to cleaning companies, and more, are able to easily keep track of crews as they travel from job site to job site.

Mobile time tracking has immense benefits for mobile teams and can help make billing easier, increase efficiency, and maximize your work time. But while the benefits of mobile time tracking are clear, it can be quite difficult to decide which time tracking app is best suited for your unique needs and business, as there are so many solutions on the market.

Hubstaff is a powerful and, according to our users, intuitive time tracking app with advanced features that are perfect for those looking to take control of their time.

Managers can gain a complete understanding of what their team is working on each day. Billing and invoicing are also made easier as these processes can be automated. Hubstaff provides accurate GPS location tracking for mobile teams in industries such as consulting, construction, cleaning, landscaping and more. With location-based mobile timesheets, Hubstaff eliminates the need to repeatedly ask what your crew have accomplished throughout the day.

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Additionally, the app supports integrations with a large selection of platforms like Asana, Basecamp, Trello, and more. This makes using your existing business software in conjunction with time tracking a much smoother process. Hubstaff is available as iPhone and Android apps, and also comes with powerful companion web and desktop applications, so you can sync your reports on any device you want.

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This app is free for solo users. Timely is perfect for organizations with mobile teams that are looking to gain a better understanding of how they spend their days. You can pick a day, week, month, or year, and also compare it with the previous period. If you or your company are interested in a paid plan for Toggl, you can receive additional reporting features.

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These options include billable rates, export options, rounding, bookmarked reports, and the inclusion of your company logo 5 Sites to Learn About and Create Business Logos 5 Sites to Learn About and Create Business Logos Today Cool Websites and Apps points out a few sites that offer you free logos to use as you wish, or that give you insight into the branding that you're already surrounded by. The reports are intuitive and let you view data in both a graph and a pie chart.

You can filter the graph information by team, client, project, or tag. For the pie chart, you can group the details by project, client, or user and then sort by item title or duration. All of these options give you a terrific view of your items without complicated settings or hard-to-understand diagrams.

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Toggl offers project management features that are handy for both teams and individuals. You can create an unlimited number of projects and clients. You can also assign colors for easy organization and archive projects that you no longer need. It's a free tool to manage any kind of project. Read this guide to understand its basic structure, the navigation, and how Trello can be useful to you. Read More , you can review paid plans that include time estimates with alerts, sub-projects, and a special project dashboard.

Whether you work with two or 20 people, you can invite team members to your Toggl Workspace. This provides a team dashboard, adjustable access levels, and user group options. And when viewing reports, you can quickly see activity from others on your team. The free plan covers teams of up to five members. For larger groups or businesses, you can have an unlimited team size along with the options to edit member profiles and add time for team members. Toggl integrates with many applications for large teams and companies.

You might be interested in additional Chrome add-ons like tracking the time you spend in WordPress, responding to client emails in Gmail, or how long you are in Google Inbox.